Mr. Secretary-General of the United Nations,

We, the organizations signatory hereto, congratulate you on your assumption of the post of Secretary-General of the said World Organization. We hope that under your leadership, the United Nations will take the paths of real reform in order to effectively contribute to peace and development in the world and in all countries and repair the foundation of our troubles. As such, for the reasons that we will advance in the following lines, we want to draw your attention to the inappropriateness and uselessness of the UN force in Haiti for two years and the importance of the non-renewal of its mandate. .

The Haitian Constitution of 1987, drawing on the will of the founders of the fatherland, confirms in its first article: Haiti is an indivisible, sovereign, independent, cooperative, free, democratic and social republic. And in its article 8-1, it states the following: the territory of the Republic of Haiti is inviolable and cannot be alienated either in whole or in part by any treaty or convention (we add or United Nations resolution ).

Thus, starting from these national principles and considerations and taking into account the following considerations:

-  The Charter of the United Nations, in its article 1, states that: the purposes of the United Nations are: to maintain international peace and security and to this end: to take effective collective measures to prevent and avert threats to peace and to suppress any act of aggression or other breach of the peace, and to achieve, by peaceful means, in accordance with the principles of justice and international law, the adjustment or settlement of disputes or situations, of an international character, likely to lead to a breach of the peace.

-  However, in reality at no time did Haiti threaten international or regional peace. The situation which prevailed in Haiti, before February 29, 2004, and which currently prevails in the country, all things considered, is not so different or worse from those which one lives in many countries of Latin America and the United States. world where there is however no UN presence. In other words, this internal situation can in no way justify the presence of UN forces and any foreign force in the country. It is time to remove the junk.

-  In its article 2-7, the Charter of the United Nations, adds: Nothing in this Charter authorizes the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the national competence of a State nor does it oblige Members to submit cases of this kind to no settlement procedure under the terms of this Charter, […]. , starting from the foregoing consideration and among other things, from this article, the whole of Chapter 7 relating to the measures of the Security Council of the United Nations in the event of threats to the peace, breaches of the peace and acts of aggression, cannot apply in the case of Haiti.

-  In addition, the establishment since May 14, 2007 of a legitimate government through universal suffrage, the functioning as best they can of Haitian institutions, the coverage of the needs of the UN forces to the detriment of the satisfaction of the development needs of the Haitian population, all this can demonstrate the ineffectiveness and the inappropriateness of the presence and maintenance of these forces in Haiti.

So, the will of many countries and international figures, and in particular the United Nations, to maintain MINUSTAH in Haiti only violates the Charter of the United Nations, the Haitian Constitution and the right of the Haitian people to take their destiny in hand and to learn to deal with your problems like many other people do.

In your first speech to the Security Council, you expressed the following: “I am convinced that life is precious, that it must be protected and respected and that all human beings have the right to live in dignity “. In the name of this dignity, in the name of the right to life of people who fall daily in working-class neighborhoods under criminal fire from MINUSTAH soldiers, we ask you once again Mr. Secretary General not to renew mandate of this force.

We cannot be against promoting neither international security and peace, nor cooperation between countries, but at no time can we bear that this must be done against the best interests of the Haitian nation, against its history, against his dignity and against his own development and that of his sons and daughters.

We hope that through your actions and those of the United Nations, your accession will not make the situation of peace, security and development in the world, and in particular in Haiti, more complicated than it was. Receive Mr. Secretary General, our best regards.

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