Haiti in the context of its international relations has always lived three moments of different intensity:

  •  A moment when she was isolated by the great powers.
  •  A moment when she was busy.
  •  A time when he is granted loans with big interests.

Meanwhile, large national companies like Reynold’s and others have looted and looted its copper and other mines in shameful conditions of inequality as it continues to export its agricultural products and import what it needs.

In all the experiments that are taking place all over the world, several kinds of models are confronting each other, confronting each other. There is either autarky, or the unbridled opening of the national market following the neoliberal canon, or the partnership in all the fullness of the word with other countries and or simply a hybrid situation without any equality between the different scenarios.

Following these ideas as a matrix for reflection, can we declare that the international in its current method plays an effective role in the Haitian social formation?